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Dependable propane service for your home

Whether it's keeping you warm through the cold winter, helping you get dinner on the table, or making sure your morning shower is a warm, welcome experience, Cline Energy dependable propane ensures you that your house is a home. As one of the most versatile and economical fuel options, propane is a great choice for home heating. Not only can propane be used to keep you warm, but it can also be used in your cooking range, fireplace, pool heater, and even your clothes dryer. Cline Energy Propane will provide you a cost effective, clean burning home heating source.

Product Pricing

Our commitment is to provide our customers with top quality products at the lowest cost possible. To allow our customers to control their fuel expenses, we offer locked-in pricing.

About Cline Energy

For more than 15 plus years, we have provided propane for home, business, and agricultural propane needs. Throughout our history, we’ve prided ourselves on being not only propane leaders, but good neighbors to the many customers we serve.

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Service Area

Cline Energy Propane provides services in Ross, Vinton and Jackson counties in Ohio. Give us a call today if you live in Chillicothe, Bainbridge, Frankfort, Adelphi, Kingston, Clarksburg, South Salem, Jackson, Wellston, Coalton, Oak Hill, McArthur, Hamden, Zaleski, Wilkesville or any other town within our service area.

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Residential PropaneStay warm through the cold winter, get dinner on the table, and make sure your morning shower is a warm, welcome experience.

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Commercial PropaneWhen it comes to your running your business and keeping expenses in check, dependability from your propane dealer is crucial.

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Agricultural PropanePropane is a reliable, efficient energy source that allows farmers to continue working through environmental regulations.